During the pregnancylessons you practise breathing- and fysical exercises and postures to listen to your body signals during pregnancy. We will practice breathing exercises to relax, to concentrate and to use as power during childbirth. 

These techniques will help you to relax during your pregnancy ánd during your delivery. When  you learn to feel what your body needs during pregnancy you will know what your body needs during delivery!

 When your Dutch is good enough, you can take the lessons in the groep. 

In that case you can read the other pages on this website of course!!

Do you prefer Englisch spoken lessons  for your pregnancyyoga then I offer a package of 5 private lessons for a reasonable price. 


It takes 5 sessions or more to prepare you for the delivery. You have to practice with your partner in between the sessions. You can come together with your partner, or three times on your own and two with your partner.

These sessions will be scheduled at the start and can take place in the afternoon on monday or friday or on fridayevening or saturdaymorning.

Email me for an appointment on!